Best Ice Cream Marker

There are two different types of ice cream makers on the market,the expensive electric type which is also the best ice cream maker because it makes the process much easier and the manual type that involves some small physical effort on your part to produce the ice cream.

The manual type cansumes lots of time when making ice cream, they have a large bowl that containing a smaller bowl inside where the handcranking mechanism can be found. Salt and ice is filled in the outer bowl to cool the ice cream ,this fusion occurs when the salt melts the ice taking heat away from the ice cream in the inner bowl causing it to freeze.

In the manual type of ice cream maker salt water is usually left in the outer bowl as a result of salt melting the ice, this salty water should be disposed before another batch is started.

The electric type is the best ice cream maker because it is much easier to use,it is not as messy as the manual type and you can produce ice cream in 20 or 30 minutes with certain brands.There are some types of electric ice cream makers where the bowl has to be kept in the freezer for the process to work,this can be time consuming and problems would arise if you do not have enough room in the freezer.

If you want the best way to make your home made ice cream, thus you need to buy a stand alone electric ice cream maker.These types of machine come with a coolant and an electric motor for turning the mixing paddle built in them, you just need to add your ingredients, switch it on and wait for twenty to thirty minutes for it to produce your ice cream. This allows you to carry out other tasks, while the machine is working, whereas with a manual machine you are constantly working to produce your ice cream.

These machines can be quite large and take up bigger space in your kitchen,so make sure you have enough space for it before you purchase it.This is because after finishing to prepare your ice cream some machines should not be moved for twelve hours since this interferes with the cooling mechanism in the machine, you would normally keep this type of maker in a permanent position in your kitchen.
The best thing about having your own ice cream maker is that you can create a great ice cream with the ingredients and flavours of your choice.