Types Of Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are referred to as garden tool that propels air out of a nozzle to move grass and leaves cuttings. They are usually powered by gasoline or electric motors. They are the best for small gardens or when dealing with a lot of leaves that cannot be easily vacuumed. They are various leaf blowers and when choosing the best is a difficult task to realize. There are also factors you should put on consideration when buying a leaf blower. Therefore, the write-up intends to provide information on the different types of leaf blowers.

The Backpack Leaf Blowers

They are the powerful leaf blowers with heaviest blowers .They are great on heavy duty leaves on large yard .You may also find push blowers that had the similar power amount. Four-cycle of hybrid engine are less pollutant and quieter. Backpack gas blower has good padding, air circulation, and vibration reduction.

Light Duty Electric Blowers

This is the best type of leaf blower for leaves blowing, driveways or maybe dirt from decks. There are two types of light-duty electric blowers which include cordless blowers fall and corded electric brooms. They are quietest type of blowers available on the market since they do not have fans or motors.

Handheld Gas Blowers

They are the heaviest, noisiest and a bit expensive as compared to electric blowers. There are factors you should consider when going for this type and they include the price, storing gasoline, as well as the level of noise.

The Heavy Duty Leaf Blowers

Lawn areas require a large amount of power. Extension cord provides enough reach and a corded type of electric blowers are the best and most powerful combination of power, convenience,and quietness. They mulch and vacuum leaves for flowers the beds as well as composting thus making them more versatile.


Choosing the best type of a leaf blower depend on what you need to do. There are leaf blower reviews that will provide you with honest buying guide of the best  leaf blower that you can trust. The leaf blowers reviews assist you in deciding the most powerful and the best type of leaf blower for your needs.